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a language of the Kwa branch of Niger-Congo spoken in much of Ghana and parts of the Ivory Coast.
a member of any of various Akan-speaking peoples, including the Ashanti and Fanti.
Historical Examples

Thus buat-kan (to do) means to do something to (Akan) something or somebody.
A Manual of the Malay language William Edward Maxwell

The volume commences with an account of the Akan tribes and their existence in two main branches–Fanti and Ashanti.
The Journal of Negro History, Vol. I. Jan. 1916 Various

(pl) -kan, -kans. a member of a people of Ghana and the E Côte d’Ivoire
the language of this people, having two chief dialects, Fanti and Twi, and belonging to the Kwa branch of the Niger-Congo family


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