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a small hardwood New Zealand tree, Dodonea viscosa, with silver leaves and reddish bark Also called ake


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    a climbing vine, Akebia quinata, of eastern Asia, bearing inconspicuous flowers and purple, edible berries, grown as an ornamental in the U.S.

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    a tropical tree, Blighia sapida, of the soapberry family, cultivated for the edible aril of its seeds. Historical Examples It is a derivative from the words Algonquin, and akee, earth, or land. The Indian in his Wigwam Henry R. Schoolcraft It is a term derived from the word Algonquin, and akee, earth or land. The […]

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    (in the Cub Scouts) a pack leader. Historical Examples Phao and akela were on the Rock together, and below them, every nerve strained, sat the others. The Second Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling akela occupied one of these, and the Cubs were divided into two groups. Stories of the Saints by Candle-Light Vera C. Barclay So, […]

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