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See Dome of the Rock
Contemporary Examples

Some of them are even up for rebuilding the Jewish Temple in the spot where the al-aqsa Mosque currently stands.
Likud: The Party of Annexation Elisheva Goldberg November 26, 2012

The Holy City, specifically the al-aqsa compound, has been the flashpoint for the latest round of conflict.
The Radicals Who Slaughtered a Synagogue Creede Newton November 18, 2014

The al-aqsa Martyrs Brigades consists of scores of armed groups in the West Bank and Gaza.
A Who’s Who of Iran’s Favorite Palestinian Terrorists IranWire August 12, 2014

He tells me it is a makeshift mosque—meant for those who have been barred from worshipping at al-aqsa Mosque.
Al-Aqsa Mosque’s Displaced Worshippers Anna Lekas Miller March 11, 2013

One thing this new unrest shares with the Second Intifada, also known as the al-aqsa Intifada, is the flashpoint.
Intifada 3.0: Growing Unrest and a Plot to Kill an Israeli Minister Creede Newton November 20, 2014

One of the cedars, for example, was about 1,340 years old, or roughly the same age as al-aqsa.
Are These Beams from the First and Second Temples? David Frum May 22, 2013

They say that the Israelis framed him in order to light the powder keg of religious war over the al-aqsa compound.
In Jerusalem Home Demolitions, the Biblical Justice of Revenge Creede Newton November 24, 2014

There are also several pictures of al-aqsa Mosque being stormed by armed settlers.
Al-Aqsa Mosque’s Displaced Worshippers Anna Lekas Miller March 11, 2013


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