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Al capone

Al(phonse) (“Scarface”) 1899–1947, U.S. gangster and Prohibition-era bootlegger, probably born in Italy.
Contemporary Examples

We gave America its gangster legends—but our guy, al capone, was real, not a fictional figment like Vito Corleone or Tony Soprano.
Obamaville Don Rose November 5, 2008

I look around the stairway, and I see al capone and another guy sitting in the living room having a beef about ‘receipts.’
The Stacks: Mr. Bad Taste and Trouble Himself: Robert Mitchum Robert Ward July 18, 2014

What Nucky Johnson was not was a gangster, though he did go to prison for a short stint, like al capone, for tax evasion.
‘Boardwalk Empire’ Left New Jersey and Lost Its Way Allen Barra September 6, 2014

He killed five men and married five women, conned al capone, and traded card tricks with Houdini.
This Week’s Hot Reads The Daily Beast November 4, 2010

The result of Volstead can be summed up with one infamous name: al capone.
Pot’s Got a Gangster Problem Ilana Glazer February 21, 2013

Growing up I wanted to be al capone not [Prohibition agent] Eliot Ness.
Behind the Latest Bust at High Times Magazine Tony Doukopil March 16, 2012

If Ivar had been chomping a cigar, one might have mistaken him for a slimmed-down al capone.
The Original Bernie Madoff Frank Partnoy April 23, 2009

“Clearly more dangerous than al capone at his height,” the Chicago Crime Commission declared.
Drug Cartel Beauty Queens Face an Ugly End Michael Daly February 25, 2014

The Chicago Crime Commission declared him Public Enemy No. 1, declaring that he was a bigger menace than al capone had ever been.
El Chapo on the Couch: Inside a Drug Lord’s Therapy Sessions Michael Daly March 6, 2014

Alphonse, called Al. 1899–1947, US gangster in Chicago during Prohibition


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