Chiefly Southwestern U.S. a public walk shaded with trees.
(in Latin America) a boulevard, park, or public garden having such a walk.
a city in W California.
Historical Examples

He was in the library of an alameda county lawyer, host of the Stanley and the Windham families.
Port O’ Gold Louis John Stellman

Some were seeking the shade of the walls and under the trees of the alameda.
Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard Joseph Conrad

Except along the alameda, which fronts the bay, the exterior of the city has an aspect of neglect and desertion.
The Lands of the Saracen Bayard Taylor

The turn on the alameda was taken with slow steps and stately remarks.
Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard Joseph Conrad

The other two are placed on lofty pedestals, and adorn the largest of the promenades of Seville, that called the alameda.
The Pictureque Antiquities of Spain; Nathaniel Armstrong Wells

Ruperto knows the Pedregal, every path through it, as well as we the walks of the alameda.
The Free Lances Mayne Reid

Then slowly he passed through the gap in the hedge, and slowly walked across the alameda.
Stories by American Authors, Volume 10 Various

From the church he hastened to an empty bench in the alameda, and opened the note.
The White Mice Richard Harding Davis

One night on the alameda oyster-beds, I got ashore and headed back from the bay as fast as I could sprint.
The Cruise of the Dazzler Jack London

The alameda of Mexico is one of the most beautiful in America.
The Red Track Gustave Aimard

(mainly Southwestern US) a public walk or promenade lined with trees, often poplars

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