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of or designating a format featuring rock songs from LPs and CDs rather than singles, especially mainstream rock music.


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  • Albumen

    the white of an egg. Botany. the nutritive matter around the embryo in a seed. Biochemistry, . any of a class of simple, sulfur-containing, water-soluble proteins that coagulate when heated, occurring in egg white, milk, blood, and other animal and vegetable tissues and secretions. noun the white of an egg; the nutritive and protective gelatinous […]

  • Albumblatt

    noun (music) a short occasional instrumental composition, usually light in character

  • Albumen paper

    a printing paper coated with albumen, salt, and citric acid and sensitized with silver nitrate, used c1850–80.

  • Albumen plate

    a flexible zinc or aluminum printing plate coated with a photosensitive compound, used in offset printing of usually fewer than 50,000 copies.

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