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a small island in W California, in San Francisco Bay: site of a U.S. penitentiary 1933–63.
Contemporary Examples

You see, gone are the days when a supernatural dramas like Lost or its rip-offs Alcatraz, Invasion, or The River dominated TV.
‘Resurrection’ Is TV’s Silliest Show and Probably Dead on Arrival Kevin Fallon March 6, 2014

When you use an example, you can use the word AS, and AT tells you where, such as “At Alcatraz.”
National Scrabble Day: A Poem So You’ll Know All 101 Two-Letter Words David Bukszpan April 12, 2013

Alcatraz and Terra Nova did not live past 13 episodes and Fringe had to fight to make to it to five seasons.
‘Almost Human’ Review: A Dystopian Future That We’ve Seen Before Chancellor Agard November 16, 2013

Alcatraz had its birdman, and Greenhaven had one too; a real connoisseur.
Tales of a Jailhouse Gourmet: How I learned to Cook in Prison Daniel Genis June 20, 2014

Mostly because Oye, This Cell Is Drafty had already been used for Escape From Alcatraz, years before.
20 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ Bill Schulz August 26, 2014

Historical Examples

We swung past Alcatraz Island and heard the army bugles blowing there.
A Woman’s Impression of the Philippines Mary H. (Mary Helen) Fee

“I didn’t know things were so pleasant at Alcatraz,” Elshawe said.
By Proxy Gordon Randall Garrett

The muskets of the sentries gleamed brightly on Alcatraz, and the rolling of drums swelled on the breeze.
Legends and Tales Bret Harte

At flood-times it may be traced, a yellowish, turgid streak, as far as Alcatraz.
California Mary Austin

The Alcatraz gun had been let off; but the more certain assurance of the new day had failed.
A Breeze from the Woods, 2nd Ed. William Chauncey Bartlett

an island in W California, in San Francisco Bay: a federal prison until 1963

see albatross.


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