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a noted archer who helped Hercules abduct the cattle of Geryon.
a Trojan warrior who wounded Odysseus while trying to seize the body of Achilles and who was later killed by Odysseus.
Contemporary Examples

Alcon Entertainment, which financed and produced the film, worked with Warner Bros. on more traditional marketing.
Hollywood’s Christian Blockbuster Nicole LaPorte January 5, 2010

Other studios passed but CAA had a buyer in Alcon, a company funded by FedEx founder Fred Smith.
Sandra’s $200 Million Year Kim Masters December 1, 2009

Historical Examples

The prudent Alcon seemed to enjoy great ascendancy, and he figured at the head of the assembly.
Snnica Vicente Blasco Ibez

Returning now to the shepherds, the play shows us Daphnis and Alcon seeking the tomb of Nerina with a restorative.
Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral Drama Walter W. Greg

“Have confidence in our gods,” said Alcon, as a parting word.
Snnica Vicente Blasco Ibez

With this melancholy exclamation Alcon said farewell to the Greek, who descended the rope in silence.
Snnica Vicente Blasco Ibez

The philosopher saw Alcon, the peaceful citizen, who had just come down from the Acropolis, pass through the centre of the Forum.
Snnica Vicente Blasco Ibez

One morning, on his way to the upper part of the mount where the defense continued, Acton met the prudent Alcon in the Forum.
Snnica Vicente Blasco Ibez

The surgeon Alcon made a fortune of nearly £100,000 by a few years’ practice in Gaul.
Outlines of Greek and Roman Medicine James Sands Elliott

He hurried toward Alcon who, leaning on his staff, greeted him with a kindly smile.
Snnica Vicente Blasco Ibez


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