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the Koran.
Historical Examples

To which that would touch, which the Alcoran carries in Azoare.
A Discovrse of Fire and Salt (A Discourse of Fire and Salt) Blaise de Vigenre

They also read the chapters of the Alcoran appointed for the burial of the dead.
The Arabian Nights, Volume III (of 4) Anonymous

The speech of these people is Arabic, and they have got books of the Alcoran, and honour greatly their prophet Muhamad.
A Description of the Coasts of East Africa and Malabar Duarte Barbosa

These and some others that are in the Alcoran he reckons up.
The Works of Sir Thomas Browne (Volume 1 of 3) Thomas Browne

Indeed, I would have them meddle with nothing but their Alcoran, and let the world live quietly.
The Arabian Nights, Volume III (of 4) Anonymous

Thus is it not without wonder, how those learned Arabicks so tamely delivered up their belief unto the absurdities of the Alcoran.
The Works of Sir Thomas Browne (Volume 1 of 3) Thomas Browne

The Alcoran may exclude her from Paradise, and teach her that she has no soul; practically, if not literally, it has done this.
The Young Maiden A. B. (Artemas Bowers) Muzzey

Incorrectly called the Alcoran, l’Alcoran, or il Alcorano, 351.
An Account of Timbuctoo and Housa Territories in the Interior of Africa Abd Salam Shabeeny

He, on the contrary, maintained that the Alcoran could have no other meaning, than what he had attached to it.
The Visions of Quevedo Dom Francisco de Quevedo

Every Chapter in the Alcoran begins so, and all their Authors have followed this way ever price.
The Improvement of Human Reason Ibn Tufail

another name for the Koran
a less common name for the Koran

older form of Koran, mid-14c., from Old French alcoran, from Arabic al-quran “the Koran” (see Koran), with the definite article (al-) taken as part of the name.


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