a male given name, form of .
Contemporary Examples

Alex Massie on how Britain’s unruly mob helps the prime minister.
The Royal Attack Rocking Britain Alex Massie December 9, 2010

Now, says Alex S. Jones, a longtime observer of The New York Times Company, their future looks even dimmer.
Suicide at The Globe Alex S. Jones June 9, 2009

And when Alex Romanov, another broker, offers Grove his assistance, things only get more complicated.
This Week’s Hot Reads The Daily Beast September 20, 2009

And Alex Rodriguez was not “inarguably the best-hitting shortstop in history.”
In Defense of A-Roid Allen Barra September 4, 2014

By Alex Orlov for Life by DailyBurn Do dark, chilly days make your mood cloud over this time each year?
9 Ways to Cope With Seasonal Affective Disorder DailyBurn December 4, 2014

Historical Examples

Rob turned to whisper a question to Alex, but even as he did so he felt John clutch him by the arm.
The Young Alaskans on the Trail Emerson Hough

Then Fats saw Alex with the bracelets on and turned sober in one second.
Arm of the Law Harry Harrison

I dont understand, Alex said, peering through the curtain, why he should want to do anything to us.
The River Motor Boat Boys on the St. Lawrence Harry Gordon

And Alex was not in the least jealous of her sister’s popularity.
The Pleasant Street Partnership Mary F. Leonard

Alex felt with melancholy satisfaction that at least it was real life, as she had always imagined it, full of drama and tragedy.
Consequences E. M. Delafield

1. A polymorphic language being developed by Stephen Crawley of Defence Science & Tech Org, Australia. Alex has abstract data types, type inference and inheritance.
2. An ISWIM-like language with exception handling.
[“An Exception Handling Construct for Functional Languages”, M. Brez et al, in Proc ESOP88, LNCS 300, Springer 1988].
3. A scanner generator. Alexis is its input language.
[“Alex: A Simple and Efficient Scanner Generator”, H. Mossenbock, SIGPLAN Notices 21(5), May 1986].

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