Alexander hamilton

Alexander, 1757–1804, American statesman and writer on government: the first Secretary of the Treasury 1789–97; mortally wounded by Aaron Burr in a duel.
Alice, 1869–1970, U.S. physician, educator, and toxicologist.
Edith, 1867–1963, U.S. classical scholar and writer.
Lady Emma (Amy or Emily, Lyon) 1765?–1815, mistress of Viscount Nelson.
Sir Ian Standish Monteith
[mon-teeth] /ˈmɒn tiθ/ (Show IPA), 1853–1947, British general.
Sir William, 1788–1856, Scottish philosopher.
Sir William Rowan
[roh-uh n] /ˈroʊ ən/ (Show IPA), 1805–65, Irish mathematician and astronomer.
former name of .
Also called Grand River. a river flowing E through S Labrador into the Atlantic. 600 miles (965 km).
Mount, a mountain of the Coast Range in California, near San Jose: site of Lick Observatory. 4209 feet (1283 meters).
a seaport in SE Ontario, in SE Canada, on Lake Ontario.
a city on central North Island, in New Zealand.
an administrative district in the Strathclyde region, in S Scotland. 50 sq. mi. (130 sq. km).
a city in this district, SE of Glasgow.
a city in SW Ohio.
a seaport in and the capital of Bermuda.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

alexander hamilton dismissed the drawbacks to giving judges life tenure as “imaginary.”
This Week’s Best Journalism The Daily Beast January 21, 2011

Neither has the lack of evidence stopped people from arguing that alexander hamilton was gay.
What the Sex Lives of the Founding Fathers Reveal About Us Eric Herschthal February 20, 2014

Those most sympathetic to commerce and enterprise (alexander hamilton) sound least libertarian.
David’s Book Club: The Radicalism of the American Revolution & The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin David Frum February 26, 2012

Collins had enlisted in June 2012 immediately after graduating from alexander hamilton High School in Milwaukee.
Death Benefit Scandal Is the Government Shutdown’s Ultimate Insult Michael Daly October 9, 2013

Build an alexander hamilton memorial on the South Lawn, staring back at Thomas Jefferson.
Politico Asks, “If I Were President …” David Frum July 25, 2012

Historical Examples

After years of preparation the alexander hamilton Institute was established in 1909.
Forging Ahead in Business Various

Great-grandfather a personal friend of alexander hamilton’s, and all that.
The Lady Doc Caroline Lockhart

She was a woman of exalted character, and worthy to be the wife of alexander hamilton.
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 97, November, 1865 Various

At this period alexander hamilton became the savior of the republic.
Famous American Statesmen Sarah Knowles Bolton

He turned, vexed at the loss of his chance as alexander hamilton and Mrs. Swanwick joined them.
The Red City S. Weir Mitchell

a port in central Canada, in S Ontario on Lake Ontario: iron and steel industry. Pop: 618 820 (2001)
a city in New Zealand, on central North Island. Pop: 129 300 (2004 est)
a town in S Scotland, in South Lanarkshire near Glasgow. Pop: 48 546 (2001)
the capital and chief port of Bermuda. Pop: 3461 (2000)
the former name of Churchill (sense 1)
Alexander. ?1757–1804, American statesman. He was a leader of the Federalists and as first secretary of the Treasury (1789–95) established a federal bank
Lady Emma. ?1765–1815, mistress of Nelson
James, 1st Duke of Hamilton. 1606–49, Scottish supporter of Charles I in the English Civil War: defeated by Cromwell at the Battle of Preston and executed
Lewis (Carl). born 1985, English racing driver; Formula One world champion (2008)
Richard. 1922–2011, British artist: a pioneer of the pop art style
Sir William Rowan. 1805–65, Irish mathematician: founded Hamiltonian mechanics and formulated the theory of quaternions

Hamilton Ham·il·ton (hām’əl-tən), Alice. 1869-1970.

American toxicologist and physician known for her research on occupational poisons and her book Industrial Poisons in the United States (1925).

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