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a neurologic disorder marked by loss of the ability to understand written or printed language, usually resulting from a brain lesion or a congenital defect.
Contemporary Examples

“What was discovered in Daraya is horrible,” says a Damascus activist who goes by the name alexia Jade.
Syrian Uprising Body Count Spikes as Assad Forces Massacre Civilians Mike Giglio August 26, 2012

As a mother to three daughters, Catharina-Amalia, alexia, and Ariane, Máxima has passed her style down to the next generation.
Queen Máxima of the Netherlands Is a New Style Icon Erin Cunningham May 2, 2013

Historical Examples

Yes, and didn’t alexia make an awful blunder with her paper of rice!
Five Little Peppers at School Margaret Sidney

Polly had her arms around alexia and was hugging her tightly.
Five Little Peppers at School Margaret Sidney

“Good for you, Pickering,” cried alexia, while the laugh went around.
Five Little Peppers at School Margaret Sidney

But suppose he had children,” cried Polly, “just suppose it, alexia.
Five Little Peppers at School Margaret Sidney

“Oh, I never saw such perfectly dreadful creatures,” cried alexia, tossing back her long light braids impatiently.
Ben Pepper Margaret Sidney

In the midst of them, Polly saw the face of the doctor who had just fixed alexia’s arm.
Five Little Peppers at School Margaret Sidney

She didn’t even smile, and alexia could feel that the arm was slipping away from her.
Five Little Peppers at School Margaret Sidney

Yes, alexia, I’m tired sometimes; but I’m their mother, you see.
Five Little Peppers at School Margaret Sidney

a disorder of the central nervous system characterized by impaired ability to read Nontechnical name word blindness Compare aphasia

alexia a·lex·i·a (ə-lěk’sē-ə)
Loss of the ability to comprehend the meaning of written or printed words and sentences, usually caused by brain lesions. Also called text blindness, visual aphasia, word blindness.
a·lex’ic adj.


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