Alger hiss

Alger, 1904–96, U.S. public official, accused of espionage 1948 and imprisoned for perjury 1950–54.
Contemporary Examples

The contention was that a sellout was taking place led by, of all people, Richard Nixon, who originally exposed alger hiss.
The End of the Illusion: America Finally Learns Its Limits Jacob Heilbrunn April 29, 2013

a voiceless fricative sound like that of a prolonged s
such a sound uttered as an exclamation of derision, contempt, etc, esp by an audience or crowd
(electronics) receiver noise with a continuous spectrum, caused by thermal agitation, shot noise, etc
an exclamation of derision or disapproval
(intransitive) to produce or utter a hiss
(transitive) to express with a hiss, usually to indicate derision or anger
(transitive) to show derision or anger towards (a speaker, performer, etc) by hissing
Alger. 1904–96, US government official: imprisoned (1950–54) for perjury in connection with alleged espionage activities

late 14c., of imitative origin. Johnson wrote, “it is remarkable, that this word cannot be pronounced without making the noise which it signifies.” Related: Hissed; hissing.

1510s, from hiss (v.).

to express contempt (Job 27:23). The destruction of the temple is thus spoken of (1 Kings 9:8). Zechariah (10:8) speaks of the Lord gathering the house of Judah as it were with a hiss: “I will hiss for them.” This expression may be “derived from the noise made to attract bees in hiving, or from the sound naturally made to attract a person’s attention.”

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