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(ʿAlī ibn-abu-Talib”the Lion of God”) a.d. c600–661, Arab caliph (cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad).
Mohammed, 1909–63, Pakistani statesman and diplomat.
Muhammad (Cassius (Marcellus) Clay, Jr) born 1942, U.S. boxer: world heavyweight champion 1964–67, 1974–78, 1978–79.
Contemporary Examples

Where writers compared Ali to an “unwashed punk” draft dodger, Lipsyte saw a renegade and comic genius.
On the Peninsula Bryan Curtis April 24, 2011

Yemen’s Ali Abdallah Saleh has ruled his country almost as long as Gaddafi.
Which Middle East Dictator Is Going Down Next? Bruce Riedel October 19, 2011

His minister of industry, Ali Akbar Mehrabian, was arrested and convicted of fraud.
A Coup in Iran? Reza Aslan August 4, 2009

Ali Elhushi Younis Eljahmi is a Libyan Engineer who lives in Libya.
Libya: My Country’s Ablaze Ali Elhushi Younis Eljahmi February 23, 2011

Even if Ali could have seen the field, he could not have followed the game, because his head does not move back and forth quickly.
The Stacks: The True Greatness of Muhammad Ali Peter Richmond February 22, 2014

Historical Examples

But peace did not ensue, and Sisvan had to flee before Ali, and surrendered at Nicopolis.
The Passing of the Turkish Empire in Europe B. Granville Baker

Rabba merely shrugged his shoulders, and with Ali he walked to the shore.
Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends Gertrude Landa

But when little Ali was brought out and he began to play on his kanoon, his harp, it was impossible to repress Naomi’s excitement.
The Scapegoat Hall Caine

Rabba thanked the bird for its information, and with Ali continued on his journey.
Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends Gertrude Landa

But, incredible though it seemed, the leading pursuer had been tracking Ali while riding at full speed.
Hi Jolly! James Arthur Kjelgaard

?600–661 ad, fourth caliph of Islam (656–61 ad), considered the first caliph by the Shiites: cousin and son-in-law of Mohammed
See Mehemet Ali
See Muhammad Ali
American Law Institute


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