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All aboard

on board; on, in, or into a ship, train, airplane, bus, etc.:
to step aboard.
alongside; to the side.
Baseball. on base:
a homer with two aboard.
into a group as a new member:
The office manager welcomed him aboard.
on board of; on, in, or into:
to come aboard a ship.
all aboard!, (as a warning to passengers entering or planning to enter a train, bus, boat, etc., just before starting) Everyone get on!
adverb, adjective, preposition (postpositive)
on, in, onto, or into (a ship, train, aircraft, etc)
(nautical) alongside (a vessel)
all aboard!, a warning to passengers to board a vehicle, ship, etc

late 14c., probably in most cases from Old French à bord, from à “on” + bord “board,” from Frankish *bord or a similar Germanic source (see board (n.2)); the “boarding” or sides of a vessel extended to the ship itself. The usual Middle English expression was within shippes borde. The call all aboard! as a warning to passengers is attested from 1838.


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