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representing the entire United States.
composed exclusively of American members or elements.
selected as the best in the United States, as in a sport:
the all-American college football team of 1983.
an all-American player or performer.
Contemporary Examples

“Palin 2012,” said Jayme Pack, an outspoken, all-American seventeen-year-old girl.
The Land That Obama Forgot Denver Nicks January 24, 2009

We can see a blond all-American character make out with a hot Japanese one.
Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim’ Is a Total Blast Marlow Stern July 8, 2013

Letter becomes window into combat Jack Cornelius had what can only be called an all-American childhood.
Under Obama, a Breakdown in the Death Benefits Owed to Veterans Aaron Glantz April 30, 2013

Republicans believe they are the party of aspiration, of the all-American yearning to get ahead.
In State of the Union Response, Marco Rubio Ignored Problems of Minorities the GOP Needs Peter Beinart February 12, 2013

all-American, with just enough sex appeal to maintain the magnetism.
Are We in the Midst of a Kevin Costner Comeback? Andrew Romano January 27, 2014

Historical Examples

Moreover it is a little out of the ordinary, and all-American.
El Diablo Brayton Norton

What kind of a team has Brennan got together for the all-American?
Baseball Joe Around the World Lester Chadwick

It is an important one: it is our first really national period, all-American, autochthonic.
A History of American Literature Since 1870 Fred Lewis Pattee

Only one game was played, and that was between the Giant and the all-American teams.
Baseball Joe Around the World Lester Chadwick

Until this attractive girl learned to respect the all-American R she would never know peace with her companions.
The Girl Scouts at Rocky Ledge Lilian Garis

adjective (US)
representative of the whole of the United States
composed exclusively of American members
(of a person) typically American: the company looks for all-American clean-cut college students

1888, as the name of a barnstorming baseball team composed of players from various teams across the United States. From all + American.


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