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All of sudden

happening, coming, made, or done quickly, without warning, or unexpectedly:
a sudden attack.
occurring without transition from the previous form, state, etc.; abrupt:
a sudden turn.
impetuous; rash.
Archaic. quickly made or provided.
Obsolete, .
Literary. suddenly.
Obsolete. an unexpected occasion or occurrence.
all of a sudden, without warning; unexpectedly; suddenly.
Also, on a sudden.
occurring or performed quickly and without warning
marked by haste; abrupt
(rare) rash; precipitate
(archaic) an abrupt occurrence or the occasion of such an occurrence (in the phrase on a sudden)
all of a sudden, without warning; unexpectedly
(mainly poetic) without warning; suddenly

late 13c., perhaps via Anglo-French sodein, from Old French subdain “immediate, sudden,” from Vulgar Latin *subitanus, variant of Latin subitaneus “sudden,” from subitus “come or go up stealthily,” from sub “up to” + ire “come, go.” Phrase all of a sudden first attested 1680s, earlier of a sudayn (1590s), upon the soden (1550s). Sudden death, tie-breakers in sports, first recorded 1927; earlier in reference to coin tosses (1834).
see: all of a sudden


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