All outdoors, big as

see: big as life , def. 3.

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  • All over but the shouting

    The outcome is a certainty, as in When Jim hit the ball over the fence, it was all over but the shouting. The term’s first use in print, in 1842, was by Welsh sportswriter Charles James Apperley, but some authorities believe it originated even earlier in the United States for a close political race. Today […]

  • All over it

    all over it adverb phrase Taking care of something quickly and efficiently: Did you contact him? I’m all over it.

  • All over one

    In close physical contact. For example, Whenever I visit, that dog of Jane’s is all over me. [ Early 1900s ] Also see: have it all over one

  • All over the map

    all over the map adverb phrase Very unfocused and inconsistent; confused: His answers are all over the map/ But otherwise, you were all over the ballpark

  • All over someone

    all over someone adjective phrase Very affectionate; eagerly amorous: The wife went to get some popcorn and the husband was all over me ggressively smothering or battering; assaulting: They broke through the line and were all over the quarterback

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