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Allahu akbar

(Islam) an exclamation used in the call to prayer and also used as a call to the defence of Muslims, an expression of approval, and a funeral litany
Contemporary Examples

As they arrived in Mir Ali, he says, fellow insurgents welcomed them with shouts of “allahu akbar!”
Pakistani Taliban Jailbreak: An Inside Job? Ron Moreau & Sami Yousafzai April 16, 2012

Hasan, who is alive but in a coma and on a ventilator, allegedly shouted “allahu akbar!”
Fort Hood Shooting: The Aftermath The Daily Beast November 5, 2009

A stage was erected next to the edifice and hundreds would gather to watch floggings, crying out “allahu akbar!”
Who Is Fazlullah? The Pakistani Mullah Who Targeted Malala Michael Daly November 8, 2013

An angry crowd chanting allahu akbar was massed outside his door.
Activist Arrested Over ‘Innocence’ Allegations Mike Giglio September 14, 2012

Storming the Street A man can be seen walking slowly through the street, yelling ‘allahu akbar!’
Syria Protests: Shocking Videos, Photos Brian Ries April 18, 2011

Historical Examples

There came a stir and a murmuring among the crowd, and cries of “allahu akbar!”
Donovan Pasha And Some People Of Egypt, Complete Gilbert Parker

Mr. Wells is not seriously proposing to take his cue from his Mohammedan friends, raise the cry of “allahu akbar!”
God and Mr. Wells William Archer

“allahu akbar,” he said, “God is most great,” as he burst into tears.
The Moors in Spain Stanley Lane-Poole

Occasionally an Arab would throw back his head and cry: “allahu akbar!”
Donovan Pasha And Some People Of Egypt, Complete Gilbert Parker

The Pathans swarmed over the walls with their exulting “allahu akbar!”
Among the Wild Tribes of the Afghan Frontier T. L. Pennell


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