a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

During the transitional phase, board members Allan Mayer and David Danziger will reign as co-chairmen of the board.
His Reputation Precedes Him: Dov Charney’s Blacklist Justin Jones June 18, 2014

Allan, who declined to comment for this story, joined Facebook in June 2009.
Middle East Uprising: Facebook’s Secret Role in Egypt Mike Giglio February 23, 2011

For former Goldman Sachs board member Rajat Gupta, justice was swift, writes Allan Dodds Frank.
Rajat Gupta Was Found Guilty of Insider Trading in Less Than a Day Allan Dodds Frank June 15, 2012

“Here, aim for this,” Alla Kornikova (his mom) says to Allan, who lives with her in Palm Beach, Florida.
Meet the Pint-Sized Pro Golfers of Netflix’s ‘The Short Game’ Abby Haglage December 11, 2013

A “big old goofy-looking dude who always needs a shave” is the way Allan Jones describes him.
America’s Nastiest Lender Gary Rivlin June 24, 2011

Historical Examples

It encouraged Allan to see that his father had unconsciously adopted an adult-to-adult manner.
Time and Time Again Henry Beam Piper

“Methinks I have a plan might fit thy case, Allan,” said he.
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Howard Pyle

“I must go out and see what the boys are doing,” and with head erect Allan Traynor passed through the door.
The Long Dim Trail Forrestine C. Hooker

“It’s time for that laal Mr. Bonnithorne to be here,” said Allan Ritson.
A Son of Hagar Sir Hall Caine

But this sensible view of the matter did not please me or Allan.
Esther Rosa Nouchette Carey

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