a very sophisticated person who dresses in suits. an educator. a person who is generous–especially when it comes to one’s grade point average. a person who loves to travel and enjoys diversity and culture–particularly the jewish culture.
awesome, my gpa just got allaned!!
a guy who is always charming people to get out of trouble. usually very fliratious with the females but deep down just wants a stable relationship with a chill girl. very goodlooking and quick witted.
that guy is such an “allan”, he got away with stealing car and got a date with three of hot reporters outside the court.
the name for an amazing person.
wow allan sure is an allan!
thought out for precious celtic saints who diffused harmony and peace; it is a common middle name for brilliant thinkers. allan’s are handsome, n-ble, cheerful, diplomatic, friendly, practical, and lovely.
edgar allan poe’s writing was a brilliant psychological mind trip.
the most beautiful of people to ever tread the earth. if your best friend is an allan never let them go because he is just about the best part of your day and a flawless texter. he’ll never fail to be the highlight of your week and it’s impossible to stare at his face and not laugh. an allan is f-cking hilarious and amazing at everything he tries. allan is one who will give you more than you deserve and you will find after meeting one that you can never love anybody more.
friend 1: r u okay? u look sad….

friend 2: oh i was having a bad day, but then i talked to allan:)
always has money.
“can i borrow a fiver allan”

“yeah alright”

rule 3003
█▀█ █▀█ █▀ █▄▀
█▀▄ █▄█ █▄ █▀▄ aka allan
a very kind guy, who’s nice to everyone around him. he’s polite, funny, careful and gives the best hugs. he’s charming, well-smelling and brilliant. some people find him strange because of his unusual habits and likes and dislikes, but he is always well-liked. he’s amazing.
-where’s allan?”
-next to the other awesome guys, of course”
“this guy is so cool… his name’s got to be allan”

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