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pertaining to or characterized by :
alliterative verse.
Contemporary Examples

“More Mitt,” as Politico reported at least has the virtue of alliterative succinctness.
How Mitt Romney Can Win the First Debate With Obama Robert Shrum September 24, 2012

Like Sigurd and Gudrún, The Fall of Arthur is in alliterative verse, a mode last fashionable in the 14th century.
Tolkien’s Unfinished Epic: ‘The Fall of Arthur’ John Garth May 22, 2013

Even his alliterative name had mythic qualities: Ben Bradlee.
Ben Bradlee Was the Last of the Newspaper Giants Tom Shales October 21, 2014

Historical Examples

The “alliterative” epidemic, in connection with the names of marine resorts, is spreading to an alarming extent.
Punch or the London Charivari, Vol. 109, September 21, 1895 Various

It was filled with odd, historical and alliterative articles.
The Philadelphia Magazines and their Contributors 1741-1850 Albert Smyth

Did Lyly not grow wearied of perpetually riding these alliterative trick-ponies?
The Bibliotaph Leon H. Vincent

Let your alliterative motto be: With the glass, not the gun.
Our Bird Comrades Leander S. (Leander Sylvester) Keyser

It is written, like all old Teutonic work of the kind, in alliterative unrhymed rhythm.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 6 Various

So forth: alliterative antitheses of the accustomed pamphleteer.
The Tragic Comedians, Complete George Meredith

Somewhat later, W. Wackernagel declared himself in favour of the two-beat theory for all Teutonic alliterative verse.
A History of English Versification Jakob Schipper


1764, from alliterate + -ive. Related: Alliteratively.


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