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having reference to something implied or inferred; containing, abounding in, or characterized by .
Obsolete. metaphorical; symbolic; figurative.
Historical Examples

She had behind her garishness a gift for sympathy and a keen intuition, delicacy, and allusiveness.
The Weavers, Complete Gilbert Parker

Why even did he not continue his disquisition on the philosophic value of allusiveness?
The Belovd Vagabond William J. Locke

Luckily, their allusiveness escaped her; she knew nothing of the diversions of the ancient gods.
Little Novels of Italy Maurice Henry Hewlett

They, also, were frightened by the mystery and allusiveness of the tales, and had an apprehension that they would not be popular.
The Lane That Had No Turning, Complete Gilbert Parker

containing or full of allusions

c.1600, from Latin allus-, past participle stem of alludere (see allude) + -ive. Related: Allusively; allusiveness.


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