Alma mater

a school, college, or university at which one has studied and, usually, from which one has graduated.
the official anthem of a school, college, or university.
Contemporary Examples

An earlier poll, from her alma mater Fairleigh Dickinson, had her down 17 points.
Christine at the ‘Frat House’ Rebecca Dana October 12, 2010

For the first time since I put my acceptance letter in the mail, I woke up this morning ashamed of my alma mater.
How UVA Is Failing Its Women Allison McNearney November 19, 2014

Sanford Weill has also been a big donor to his alma mater, in his case, Cornell University.
Where the Billions Will Go Tom Watson August 5, 2010

The Jumbotron was set up facing alma mater, the crowds nestled round her like chicks round a bronze mother hen.
Lucky Number 44 Patricia J. Williams January 19, 2009

Does your school or alma mater support its basketball teams, even if they are not perennial March Madness powerhouses?
Top 25 Colleges With Diehard Fans The Daily Beast March 20, 2011

Historical Examples

At all times he was ready to guard and vindicate the religious character of his alma mater.
The Real Gladstone J. Ewing Ritchie

No; a wild young man who has lately deserted his alma mater.
The Youth of Jefferson J. E. Cooke.

He was an alumnus of the university, and had been appealed to to enlarge the opportunities of his alma mater.
The Popes and Science James J. Walsh

This was more than any devoted son of alma mater could stand.
Rowlandson’s Oxford A. Hamilton Gibbs

Keep your intellectual interests and your interest in your alma mater, not in her athletics and her fraternities alone.
Some War-time Lessons Frederick P. (Frederick Paul) Keppel

(often capitals) one’s school, college, or university

late 14c., Latin, literally “bountiful mother,” a title Romans gave to goddesses, especially Ceres and Cybele, from alma, fem. of almus “nourishing,” from alere “to nourish” (see old) + mater “mother” (see mother (n.1)). First used 1710 in sense of “one’s university or school” in reference to British universities.
alma mater [(al-muh mah-tuhr, ahl-muh mah-tuhr)]

The school or university from which one graduated. The term also refers to a school’s official song: “The reunion began with everyone singing the alma mater.” From Latin, meaning “nurturing mother.”
Also,Alma Mater. The school or college one attended and, usually, graduated from, as in During football season I always check to see how my alma mater is doing. This expression sometimes refers to the institution’s official song, as in I never did learn the words to my college’s alma mater. The term is Latin for “kind mother.” [ c. 1800 ]

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