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a person who gives alms.
Historical Examples

She does evil with the easy, graceful air of an almsgiver distributing charity, and she does good with the stealth of a criminal!
The Son of Clemenceau Alexandre (fils) Dumas

There was once a lady, and there never was such an almsgiver as she was.
Legends of Saints & Sinners Douglas Hyde

Accordingly, one day he visited John the almsgiver, with his attendants, and peremptorily demanded his money.
The Lives of the Saints, Volume 1 (of 16) Sabine Baring-Gould


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    a house endowed by private charity for the reception and support of the aged or infirm poor. (formerly) a poorhouse. Historical Examples It is not fitting that while I am possessed of abundant means you should longer remain the tenant of an almshouse. Paul Prescott’s Charge Horatio Alger A few years later Charterhouse was converted […]

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    a person supported by or receiving alms. Archaic. a person who gives alms. noun (pl) -men (archaic) a person who gives or receives alms

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    a supported by . Archaic. a who gives . noun (pl) -women (archaic) a woman who gives or receives alms

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