a group of Christians in the 2nd century a.d. who rejected the doctrine of the Logos.
Historical Examples

This was first done by the so-called Alogi who, however, had to be repudiated.
History of Dogma, Volume 2 (of 7) Adolph Harnack

The Alogi maintained that it was a forgery which came from Corinth.
The Bible John E. Remsburg

But the Alogi are criticised only mildly, and indeed Irenaeus does not class them as heretics at all.
The Transformation of Early Christianity from an Eschatological to a Socialized Movement Lyford Paterson Edwards

The external evidence for Johannine authorship is strong and, with the exception of the obscure sect of the “Alogi,” is uniform.
The Christian Faith Under Modern Searchlights William Hallock Johnson

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