a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning “famous warrior.”.
Contemporary Examples

There are dinner scenes where the nuns, dominated by Sister Aloysius, drink their milk and eat in silence.
We Miserable Catholics Frank McCourt December 18, 2008

Will Sister Aloysius ever allow herself to be caught up in the winds of change?
We Miserable Catholics Frank McCourt December 18, 2008

Sister Aloysius accuses him of seducing Donald but does she even know what seduction means?
We Miserable Catholics Frank McCourt December 18, 2008

Historical Examples

Aloysius, at that moment, wouldn’t have given the odd change on a pay check for all the chances Extra 240 and he himself had left.
Held for Orders Frank H. Spearman

After a time Aloysius got to firing: then he wanted an engine.
Held for Orders Frank H. Spearman

Feeling that if one shovelful could be landed, more could, Aloysius’s own steam rose.
Held for Orders Frank H. Spearman

Aloysius’s hair began to lie down, and his heart to rise up.
Held for Orders Frank H. Spearman

Aloysius saw the man’s lips move, and, without taking his hands from the levers, bent his head to catch the words.
Held for Orders Frank H. Spearman

Aloysius got nothing at all in the villages to-day, Brother Paul.
Where There is Nothing William Butler Yeats

The first thing we have to decide is whether Mr. Aloysius Doyle is a suitable man to be entrusted with the work.
General John Regan George A. Birmingham

Saint. full name Aloysius Luigi Gonzaga. 1568–91, Italian Jesuit who died nursing plague victims; the patron saint of youth. Feast day: June 21

masc. proper name, from Medieval Latin Aloisius, from Old French Loois (see Louis).

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