the most amazing guy you’ll ever meet. he will always be there for you, and have your back in any situation. he reminds girls that they deserve the best, and nothing less. aloysius always boosts girls’ self-esteem. he is the perfect boyfriend and bestfriend anyone can have. you’ll fall in love with him easily… many have.
aloysius-“you have a gorgeous smile, so i’m glad.”
the renegade province located off the east coast of africa. run by a group of satanist i.h.m. nuns who have enslaved many peoples who aimlessley drifted to the island in search of food and/or shelter. its leader the dimick is notorious through out africa as a brutal war lord. some have attempted to save the poor creatures trapped on this island. one man’s name is sung bung.
did you hear that someone almost escaped from aloysius but got shot in the head, ravaged my sharks, poisoned, impaled, and raped before he had a chance?
the perfect example of tyrany. on our poor island we brave few are fighting an underground resistance. we have lost many great leaders and soldiers. those of us still alive include our curent leader don hock and sung bung better known as shil. he has been a profit to or poor morale and even speaking his name in the presence of our opressors ends with punishment. he is now and forever 1:45
english: what tha ell is aloysius? right o’
deutsch: wo ish aloysius?
american: our rebellion on aloysius shall be under the command of the great shil! no! -bang bang-
adjective used to describe something or someone who is very stupid. the person will often act like they are cooler then they really are. often chews tobacco in excess
guy1: dood i got so wasted last night. that party was a real banger
guy2:you were at church
guy2:you are so aloysius

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