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of, pertaining to, on, or part of any lofty mountain.
very high; elevated.
(initial capital letter) of, pertaining to, on, or part of the Alps.
Botany. growing on mountains above the limit of tree growth:
alpine plants.
(often initial capital letter) of or relating to downhill skiing or a competitive downhill skiing event.
Compare (def 3).
(initial capital letter) Anthropology. having the features characteristic of an Alpine.
(initial capital letter) Anthropology. a member of a Caucasoid people found in central Europe and characterized by heavy body build, medium complexion, and straight to wavy hair.
Contemporary Examples

Culturally the U.S. alpine Ski Team is unlike the somewhat robotic and uniform European teams.
Skiing Prodigy Mikaela Shiffrin Looks Ahead to Sochi Jake Bright November 30, 2013

“If I drop the flag, my dear small alpine republic will get the most attention since Schwarzenegger’s 32nd affair,” he joked.
Austrian Markus Rogan: Olympic Swimming’s Dark Horse Robin Arzón July 28, 2012

So the black people had to be extraordinary to get into alpine, while the white guy just had to be really good.
Ode to a White Rapper Touré May 18, 2009

An alpine cheese in the Swiss family is made holey by trapped carbon dioxide, though its flavor is mellow and nutty.
Why We Love Stinky Cheese Stacey Slate January 13, 2010

From Turin, as Ligety continued his rise to success in the alpine ski world, he and Miller would interact more as peers.
The Can’t-Miss Sochi Showdown: Bode Miller And Ted Ligety Jake Bright February 8, 2014

Historical Examples

It was a splendid exhibition of the scene in its alpine aspects, and completed the pictures of the varied day.
Gairloch In North-West Ross-Shire John H. Dixon, F.S.A. Scot

This is the very best time of day, you know—for alpine scenery.
The Market-Place Harold Frederic

So have I seen this grand law asserting the governance of its God in those alpine crags on which the stars seem to pause.
The Quiver 3/1900 Anonymous

From this alpine region we descend through two months in half a day.
Out-of-Doors in the Holy Land Henry Van Dyke

On the dresser—which he had ascended by a chair—was Billy, the acrobatic goat, doing his alpine daring act.
The Wouldbegoods E. Nesbit

of or relating to high mountains
(of plants) growing on mountains, esp above the limit for tree growth
connected with or used in mountaineering in medium-sized glaciated mountain areas such as the Alps
(skiing) of or relating to racing events on steep prepared slopes, such as the slalom and downhill Compare nordic
a plant that is native or suited to alpine conditions
of or relating to the Alps or their inhabitants

of or relating to an episode of mountain building in the Tertiary period during which the Alps were formed
of or relating to a high mountainous environment heavily modified by glacial erosion


“of the Alps,” early 15c., from Latin Alpinus; see Alp. Earlier was Alpish (1590s).
Resembling or characteristic of the European Alps or any other high mountain system, especially one that has been shaped by intense glacial erosion.


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