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autograph letter, signed.
a male given name: form of , , .
Contemporary Examples

ALS is a very specific disease, and how it manifests itself in each individual is very unique.
Eddie Redmayne’s Time Has Come: On His Heartrending Turn as Stephen Hawking and Benedict Bromance Marlow Stern November 2, 2014

Instead of ice water, Sheen pours a bucket full of cash on himself, all of which he plans to donate to the ALS Association.
Viral Video of the Day: Charlie Sheen Does the Ice Bucket Challenge Alex Chancey August 18, 2014

White Girls, by Hilton ALS, is a brilliant essay collection.
What Sebastian Junger, Susan Orlean, and Others Are Reading This Fall Byliner November 6, 2013

Several years before Lou contracted ALS, Bruce Campbell, a Cleveland outfielder, came down with spinal meningitis.
The Stacks: The Day Lou Gehrig Delivered Baseball’s Gettysburg Address Ray Robinson July 3, 2014

The procedure has been attempted on 12 ALS patients so far, starting in January 2010.
After Geron, Stem Cells’ New Saviors Sharon Begley November 17, 2011

Historical Examples

En zij versloegen zich over zijne leer: want hij leerde hen, ALS magt hebbende, en niet ALS de Schriftgeleerden.
The English Language Robert Gordon Latham

ALS Mubashirs servants, did a plucky thing, for with mattersFol.
The Bbur-nma in English Babur, Emperor of Hindustan

He remembered to reverse in waltzing just as he remembered to put the auxiliary at the end of a sentence after “ALS.”
Rough-Hewn Dorothy Canfield

“Betty has lost all her hopse of the Lottery, ALS drawn now” (Oct. 6, 1710).
The Tatler, Volume 3 Various

ALS oberster vormund der Jugend und aller die es bedurfen, sall sie mit Gewalt dazu halten.
History of the Great Reformation, Volume IV J. H. Merle D’Aubign

autograph letter signed
Chemical symbol
(in the US and Canada) American League (of baseball teams)
Albania (international car registration)

ALS abbr.
antilymphocyte serum

The symbol for the element aluminum.
The symbol for aluminum.


The shoe width A (Shoeshop)
advanced life support
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Albania (international vehicle ID)
American League
American Legion
artificial life
autograph letters, signed


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