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a town in and the capital of Uri, in central Switzerland, near Lucerne: legendary home of William Tell.
a canton in central Switzerland. 415 sq. mi. (1075 sq. km).
Capital: Altdorf.
Historical Examples

When my business calls me to Altdorf I shall go and in all ways act as a free man, loyal to my country and afraid of no one.
Dramatic Reader for Lower Grades Florence Holbrook

The school was at last moved to Altdorf, and grew into the University there.
The Story of Nuremberg Cecil Headlam

He afterwards went to Jena, and subsequently to Altdorf, where he became doctor of laws.
A History of Philosophy in Epitome Albert Schwegler

At Altdorf he was offered a professorship of jurisprudence, which he refused.
A History of Philosophy in Epitome Albert Schwegler

We saw your name at Altdorf, and have been trying to come up with you ever since.’
The Heir of Redclyffe Charlotte M. Yonge

Before we left Altdorf the two Englishmen whom we had seen scorching over the Axenstrasse arrived.
The Letters of her Mother to Elizabeth W. R. H. (William Rutherford Hayes) Trowbridge

Souvorof brushed the French out of his way until, on the 26th, he arrived at Altdorf with the loss of only 2,000 men.
The Story of Russia R. Van Bergen, M.A.

Travelers usually go to Altdorf by train now, but the Overall Boys chose to ride on top of the high coach.
The Overall Boys in Switzerland Eulalie Osgood Grover

It was about the year 1576 that he became a professor of mathematics at Altdorf, where he died in the year 1616.
Terrestrial and Celestial Globes Vol I Edward Luther Stevenson

The scanty clues of such works as have remained on record prove that he reached Altdorf.
Holbein Beatrice Fortescue

a town in central Switzerland, capital of Uri canton: setting of the William Tell legend. Pop: 8541 (2000)
one of the original three cantons of Switzerland, in the centre of the country: mainly German-speaking and Roman Catholic. Capital: Altdorf. Pop: 35 200 (2002 est). Area: 1075 sq km (415 sq miles)
University of Rhode Island
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