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Alternating calculus

alternating calculus

alternating calculus al·ter·nat·ing calculus (ôl’tər-nā’tĭng, āl’-)
A urinary calculus having successive layers of different composition. Also called combination calculus.


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    an electric current that reverses direction at regular intervals, having a magnitude that varies continuously in sinusoidal manner. Abbreviation: ac. noun a continuous electric current that periodically reverses direction, usually sinusoidally AC Compare direct current alternating current (ôl’tər-nā’tĭng) An electric current that repeatedly changes its direction or strength, usually at a certain frequency or range […]

  • Alternating group

    the subgroup consisting of all even permutations, of the group of all permutations of a finite set.

  • Alternating hemiplegia

    alternating hemiplegia alternating hemiplegia n. Hemiplegia caused by a lesion on the opposite side of the brainstem, accompanied by an additional paralysis of a motor cranial nerve on the same side as the lesion. Also called crossed hemiplegia, stauroplegia.

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