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a metropolitan district of Hamburg, Germany: formerly an independent city.
Historical Examples

Another city adjoins it called Altona, the park of which and the environs are the favourite Sunday lounge of the Hamburgers.
Letters of George Borrow George Borrow

In 1819, Gauss measured a degree of latitude between Gottingen and Altona.
Heroes of the Telegraph J. Munro

A royal decree, forbidding the continuation of this controversy, was read aloud in the Altona synagogue (February 7, 1753).
History of the Jews, Vol. V (of 6) Heinrich Graetz

John Labadie died at Altona; a celebrated French enthusiast.
The Every Day Book of History and Chronology Joel Munsell

Later on she supported herself by keeping a boarding-school at Altona.
Jewish Literature and Other Essays Gustav Karpeles

Moses Chages, formerly persecuted by him, now occupied an honored position in Altona.
History of the Jews, Vol. V (of 6) Heinrich Graetz

A very good view of the shipping, and of Altona and the town and spires of Hamburgh.
Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. I (of 2) Dorothy Wordsworth

Kussiel circulated extravagant letters on the subject, which came into the hands of Moses Chages in Altona.
History of the Jews, Vol. V (of 6) Heinrich Graetz

She had also places of assignation with other gallants at private apartments, both in Hamburg and at Altona.
Memoirs of the Court of St. Cloud, Complete Lewis Goldsmith

The newspapers reported the quarrel amongst the Jews regarding the rabbi of Altona.
History of the Jews, Vol. V (of 6) Heinrich Graetz


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