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a holy person of the Vaishnava sect.
Historical Examples

Your mother didn’t sell the Alvar Street house until January of 1944.
Warren Commission (11 of 26): Hearings Vol. XI (of 15) The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy

The dames and Alvar Fañez, the tears flowed from their eyes.
The Lay of the Cid R. Selden Rose

To recover they were fain, But now did Alvar Fañez on their rearward fall amain.
The Lay of the Cid R. Selden Rose

Morales doubts Alvar’s authorship, from there being no mention of Eulogius; but see sec.
Christianity and Islam in Spain (756-1031) Charles Reginald Haines

She pleases me as much as ever, Alvar, but—listen, for I am about to confide a great secret to your discretion.
The Cid Campeador Antonio de Trueba

Alvar Faez and his company were already gone forth, and had laid their ambush.
The Moors in Spain Stanley Lane-Poole

“We been going away from the right one all the time,” said Alvar.
To Each His Star Bryce Walton

Compare the priestly logic of Alvar Pelayo who enumerates the abuse of the confessional among the habitual sins of women!
Medieval English Nunneries c. 1275 to 1535 Eileen Edna Power

Alvar’s grandfather was also a man of some note, being the conqueror of the Canary Islands.
The Spanish Pioneers Charles F. Lummis

Alvar Fañez and all ye my knights, now hearken and give heed We have taken with the castle a booty manifold.
The Lay of the Cid R. Selden Rose


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