Alonso de
[ah-lawn-saw th e] /ɑˈlɔn sɔ ðɛ/ (Show IPA), c1490–1554, Spanish soldier in the conquests of Mexico and Peru: governor of Cuzco 1552?–54.
Pedro de
[pe-th raw th e] /ˈpɛ ðrɔ ðɛ/ (Show IPA), 1495–1541, Spanish soldier: chief aide of Cortés in conquest of Mexico; governor of Guatemala 1530–34.
Contemporary Examples

“We searched all the impound lots in the city, and there they were,” Alvarado said.
Mexico’s Murderous SWAT Teams Jason McGahan November 9, 2014

With his right eye closed, Alvarado was looking like a gargoyle and there was nothing left in his offensive tank.
Boxers, Be Brave and Quit Before Your Brain Turns to Mush Gordon Marino October 24, 2013

LAPD detective Jesse Alvarado said he is fearful that the Teardrop Rapist may continue his attacks.
LAPD Launches Manhunt for Prolific Serial ‘Teardrop Rapist’ Christine Pelisek April 24, 2012

On March 11, Idaho State Police pulled over Alvarado and found three pounds of meth along with a pound of cocaine in the car.
Montana’s Real-Life Walter White Michael Daly December 19, 2013

In October, Alvarado and Martinez pleaded guilty in federal court and were sentenced to 30 years.
Montana’s Real-Life Walter White Michael Daly December 19, 2013

Historical Examples

Alvarado was alone, and had to meet the crisis on his own responsibility.
The Spanish Pioneers Charles F. Lummis

Alvarado was alone, undisturbed, forgotten, and likely to remain so.
Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer Cyrus Townsend Brady

Now, Alvarado was not the man to let the cry of a comrade go unheeded.
The Fair God Lew Wallace

Alvarado’s hand went to his belt, he unclasped it and threw it aside.
Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer Cyrus Townsend Brady

There stood Alvarado unhorsed and battling, with the savages pressing upon his rear.
Mexico Charles Reginald Enock

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