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a small cavity, cell, or pit on the surface of an organ.
an alveolus.


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  • Alveolar abscess

    alveolar abscess alveolar abscess n. An abscess in the alveolar ridge of the jaw, usually caused by the spread of infection from an adjacent nonvital tooth. Also called dental abscess. Historical Examples It should be added that during the stupor an alveolar abscess developed which discharged pus. Benign Stupors August Hoch Periodontitis is usually followed […]

  • Alveolar

    Anatomy, Zoology. of or relating to an alveolus or to alveoli. Phonetics. articulated with the tongue touching or close to the , as English t, d, n; gingival. Phonetics. an alveolar sound. Historical Examples Behind the tooth the alveolar groove becomes narrower gradually and disappears in a length of about 140 mm. The Beaked Whales […]

  • Alveolar air

    alveolar air alveolar air n. See alveolar gas.

  • Alveolar arch

    the part of the upper or lower jawbone in which the teeth are set. Historical Examples The alveolar arch is pushed forward and thus gains an appearance which reminds us of the higher apes. The Color Line William Benjamin Smith

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