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Alveolar arch

the part of the upper or lower jawbone in which the teeth are set.
Historical Examples

The alveolar arch is pushed forward and thus gains an appearance which reminds us of the higher apes.
The Color Line William Benjamin Smith


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  • Alveolar artery

    alveolar artery alveolar artery n. An artery that has its origin in the maxillary artery, is distributed through the mandibular canal to the lower teeth, and branches into the mylohyoid, mental, and dental arteries; inferior alveolar artery. An artery that has its origin in the infraorbital artery and is distributed through the upper incisors, canines, […]

  • Alveolar cell

    alveolar cell alveolar cell n. A cell lining the alveoli of the lung.

  • Alveolar cell carcinoma

    alveolar cell carcinoma alveolar cell carcinoma n. See bronchiolar carcinoma.

  • Alveolar dead space

    alveolar dead space alveolar dead space n. The difference between physiological dead space and anatomical dead space, representing that part of the physiological dead space resulting from ventilation of relatively underperfused or nonperfused alveoli.

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