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Alveolar dead space

alveolar dead space

alveolar dead space n.
The difference between physiological dead space and anatomical dead space, representing that part of the physiological dead space resulting from ventilation of relatively underperfused or nonperfused alveoli.


Read Also:

  • Alveolar duct

    alveolar duct alveolar duct n. The part of the respiratory passages beyond the respiratory bronchioles, from which the alveolar sacs and alveoli arise. The smallest of the intralobular ducts in the mammary gland, into which the secretory alveoli open.

  • Alveolar gingiva

    alveolar gingiva alveolar gingiva n. Gum tissue enveloping the alveolar bone.

  • Alveolar gas

    alveolar gas alveolar gas n. Abbr. A, The gas in the pulmonary alveoli and alveolar sacs, where the oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange with pulmonary capillary blood occurs. Also called alveolar air.

  • Alveolar macrophage

    alveolar macrophage alveolar macrophage n. A vigorously phagocytic macrophage on the epithelial surface of lung alveoli that ingests carbon and other inhaled particulate matter. Also called coniophage, dust cell.

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