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Alveolar gingiva

alveolar gingiva

alveolar gingiva n.
Gum tissue enveloping the alveolar bone.


Read Also:

  • Alveolar gas

    alveolar gas alveolar gas n. Abbr. A, The gas in the pulmonary alveoli and alveolar sacs, where the oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange with pulmonary capillary blood occurs. Also called alveolar air.

  • Alveolar macrophage

    alveolar macrophage alveolar macrophage n. A vigorously phagocytic macrophage on the epithelial surface of lung alveoli that ingests carbon and other inhaled particulate matter. Also called coniophage, dust cell.

  • Alveolar point

    alveolar point alveolar point n. See prosthion.

  • Alveolar ridge

    the ridgelike border of the upper and lower jaws containing the sockets of the teeth.

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