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Alvin york

a member of the royal house of England that ruled from 1461 to 1485.
1st Duke of (Edmund of Langley) 1341–1402, progenitor of the house of York (son of Edward III).
Alvin Cullum
[kuhl-uh m] /ˈkʌl əm/ (Show IPA), (Sergeant) 1887–1964, U.S. soldier.
(def 1).
Ancient Eboracum. a city in , in NE England, on the Ouse: the capital of Roman Britain; cathedral.
a city in SE Pennsylvania: meeting of the Continental Congress 1777–78.
an estuary in E Virginia, flowing SE into Chesapeake Bay. 40 miles (64 km) long.
Cape, a cape at the NE extremity of Australia.
Historical Examples

When he entered the army alvin york stood six feet in the clear.
Sergeant York And His People Sam Cowan

This time it was for alvin york, the man—as he talked to them about the boys of the mountains.
Sergeant York And His People Sam Cowan

And in the midst of all of these mental-distracting demonstrations alvin york was put to the test.
Sergeant York And His People Sam Cowan

alvin york came from a line of ancestors who were cane-cutters and Indian fighters.
Sergeant York And His People Sam Cowan

But since the fist fights of boyhood alvin york has never had a personal encounter.
Sergeant York And His People Sam Cowan

(transitive) (cricket) to bowl or try to bowl (a batsman) by pitching the ball under or just beyond the bat
a historic city in NE England, in York unitary authority, North Yorkshire, on the River Ouse: the military capital of Roman Britain; capital of the N archiepiscopal province of Britain since 625, with a cathedral (the Minster) begun in 1154; noted for its cycle of medieval mystery plays; unusually intact medieval walls; university (1963). Pop: 137 505 (2001) Latin name Eboracum
a unitary authority in NE England, in North Yorkshire. Pop: 183 100 (2003 est). Area: 272 sq km (105 sq miles)
Cape York, a cape in NE Australia, in Queensland at the N tip of the Cape York Peninsula, extending into the Torres Strait: the northernmost point of Australia
the English royal house that reigned from 1461 to 1485 and was descended from Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York (1411–60), whose claim to the throne precipitated the Wars of the Roses. His sons reigned as Edward IV and Richard III
Alvin C(ullum). 1887–1964, US soldier and hero of World War I
Duke of, full name Prince Frederick Augustus, Duke of York and Albany. 1763–1827, second son of George III of Great Britain and Ireland. An undistinguished commander-in-chief of the British army (1798–1809), he is the “grand old Duke of York” of the nursery rhyme
Prince Andrew, Duke of. born 1960, second son of Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He married (1986) Miss Sarah Ferguson; they divorced in 1996; their first daughter, Princess Beatrice of York, was born in 1988 and their second, Princess Eugenie of York, in 1990

city in northern England, Old English Eoforwic, earlier Eborakon (c.150), an ancient Celtic name, probably meaning “Yew-Tree Estate,” but Eburos may also be a personal name. Yorkshire pudding is recorded from 1747; Yorkshire terrier first attested 1872; short form Yorkie is from 1950.


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