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Classical Mythology, .
Astronomy. a small natural satellite of the planet Jupiter.
a nymph who brought up the infant Zeus on the milk of a goat: in some versions she is the goat rather than a nymph.
Historical Examples

But Rhea hid the child in a cave in the island of Crete, where the goat Amalthea nourished him with her milk.
An Introduction to Mythology Lewis Spence

They fed the infant deity with the milk of the goat Amalthea.
The Classic Myths in English Literature and in Art (2nd ed.) (1911) Charles Mills Gayley

It is supposed to represent Amalthea, the goat which nursed Jupiter.
Astronomical Curiosities J. Ellard Gore

His white greyhound, Amalthea, lay at his feet, looking up at him with his soft black eyes.
Frederick The Great and His Family L. Muhlbach

Jupiter himself, the greatest of all, was born in Crete, where he was suckled by the she-goat Amalthea.
Legends August Strindberg

After due consideration of these names, certain writers unanimously adopted that of Amalthea.
A World of Wonders Various

Crete: where Jupiter had been concealed from his father Cronus, and nourished by the goat Amalthea.
The Classic Myths in English Literature and in Art (2nd ed.) (1911) Charles Mills Gayley

In Diodoros, Hammon loves the virgin Amalthea, who has a horn resembling that of an ox.
Zoological Mythology, Volume I (of 2) Angelo de Gubernatis

(Greek myth)

a nymph who brought up the infant Zeus on goats’ milk
the goat itself

Also Amaltheia
an inner satellite of Jupiter


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