amalthea is the latinised version of the greek word αμαλθεια (amaltheia), derived from μαλθασσω (malth-sso) meaning “to soften, to soothe”. there are multiple meanings to amalthea, such as “tender loving g-ddess”, “g-dsend” and the most popular being the goat who nursed and sacrificed her horns for zeus’s upbringing in greek mythology.

amalthea(s) tend to remain somewhat secretive and reserved, seeming to render them enigmatic and beyond reach. they are extremely perceptive and can be very good judges of characters, yet there is always more to them than meets the eye. almost every decision is carefully weighed out and before doing or saying something, meaning that they can lack spontaneity. their selective choices in friendship and romance are made according to the level of spiritual and intellectual affinity that they feel with the other person. their character is strongly determined by their family and upbringing. loving comes as second-nature. if the family environment lack security or harmony, they could end up withdrawing into silence and distance by way of escape. it would be a good idea to encourage them to socialize, and they would benefit from developing their artistic talents.

amalthea(s) seek harmony, peace, and that is genuine and true. they aspire perfection, and are usually scrupulous in their undertakings in an almost obsessive fashion, and can’t bear mediocrity and vulgarity. they have excellent taste and love art, beauty and physical comfort.
1. she’s giving off such an amalthea-like aura
2. this meat is so amalthea!
3. amalthea is still waiting for her mr.right whoo!
4. how do you read my mind so well?! what an amalthea!!!
5. stop being a scrooge with love and start being an amalthea alright!!!

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