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of or like the .
unfading; everlasting:
a woman of amaranthine loveliness.
of purplish-red color.
Historical Examples

It made him jealous to imagine them lost in this amaranthine profundity.
Sinister Street, vol. 2 Compton Mackenzie

On the sculptor’s side, the amaranthine flower was already in full blow.
The Marble Faun, Volume II. Nathaniel Hawthorne

Could mortals have desired more, even on Olympus—even in the amaranthine fields of Elysium?
The Argosy Various

At the bottom of this dell the flowers have an amaranthine bloom.
‘Midst the Wild Carpathians Mr Jkai

Thoughts of amaranthine bloom will spring up in the fields ploughed to give food to suffering men.
Life Without and Life Within Margaret Fuller

The only amaranthine flower on earth is virtue; the only lasting treasure, truth.
Pearls of Thought Maturin M. Ballou

We are not in a hurry, because the crown we are seeking is amaranthine, unfading.
Our Lady Saint Mary J. G. H. Barry

A chaplet of amaranthine flowers surmounts his well earned fame.
Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution L. Carroll Judson

It is for this crown of amaranthine glory, or blessed eternal salvation, that we are to watch and labor with fear and trembling.
Food for the Lambs; or, Helps for Young Christians Charles Ebert Orr

I durstn’t touch it for fear of leaving the marks of my four fingers and thumb in amaranthine!
The Wandering Jew, Complete Eugene Sue

of a dark reddish-purple colour
of or resembling the amaranth

1660s, “unfading, undying,” poetic (apparently coined by Milton), also amarantine; see amaranth. Later used of a purple color.


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