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a city in NW Texas.
Contemporary Examples

And so, to survive, she started showing up at the Amarillo Resource Center food bank, in the windswept Texas Panhandle.
The New Blue-Collar Hungry Sasha Abramsky November 17, 2009

The Smiths’ 1,800-acre spread, the Sunshine Ranch, sits about 15 miles east of Amarillo.
The Texas Drought Seen Firsthand from the Eyes of Ranchers Malcolm Jones August 8, 2012

Historical Examples

Other equally choice refrains—though not to be rendered into corresponding English—are ‘Amarillo!
The Pearl of the Antilles, or An Artist in Cuba Walter Goodman

Amarillo in the Panhandle was then purely a cattleman’s town.
Ranching, Sport and Travel Thomas Carson

It was when returning to Amarillo after this trip that I was fortunate enough to save the lives of a whole train-load of people.
Ranching, Sport and Travel Thomas Carson

“This is Pratt Sanderson, from Amarillo,” the daughter of the ranchman said first of all.
Frances of the Ranges Amy Bell Marlowe

This little town actually last year paid a large sum to the champion motor-car racer of America to give an exhibition in Amarillo.
Ranching, Sport and Travel Thomas Carson

Pratt insisted upon Frances meeting all these people from Amarillo.
Frances of the Ranges Amy Bell Marlowe

All these treasures, found in the ranch-house of a cowman of the Panhandle, astounded the youth from Amarillo.
Frances of the Ranges Amy Bell Marlowe

He could do nothing to save Sue Latrop himself, nor could the other visitors from Amarillo.
Frances of the Ranges Amy Bell Marlowe

an industrial city in NW Texas. Pop: 178 612 (2003 est)

name given to several species of American trees, from Spanish, from Arabic anbari “yellow, amber-colored,” from anbar “amber” (see amber). The city Amarillo in Texas, U.S., may be so called from the color of the banks of a nearby stream.


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