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characteristic of an , especially in having the faults or deficiencies of an ; inept:
Though an enthusiastic violinist, he gave an amateurish performance.
Contemporary Examples

In the end, Haro was brought to justice when her brother implicated her in the amateurish plot.
Did Joe Pesci’s Ex Hire a Hitman? Christine Pelisek April 10, 2012

Romney has so far been an amateurish foreign-policy candidate.
Add Reinhold Niebuhr to Romney’s Ticket Noah Kristula-Green August 16, 2012

The release of the Romney tax returns is so amateurish that it almost offends me.
You Know You’ve Had a Bad Week When… Michael Tomasky September 20, 2012

Sure, it’s an amateurish mashup of every other action movie, but it has its charms.
Krrish 3 Review: What the Bollywood Movie Steals From Superhero Films Sujay Kumar November 5, 2013

So far its reach outside of Pakistan has been amateurish, but capability will follow intent.
What Pakistan’s Terrorists Want Bruce Riedel May 3, 2010

Historical Examples

In introducing your own examples avoid the trite, amateurish expression “take, for instance.”
Public Speaking Clarence Stratton

She felt that he despised them as amateurish, and secretly resented it.
Beyond John Galsworthy

Each had made a small pendant, and while the craftsmanship might be amateurish, the general effect was artistic.
For the Sake of the School Angela Brazil

Workmanship was entirely by hand, slow, amateurish, and unreliable.
Opportunities in Aviation Arthur Sweetser

“Oh yes, after a fashion,” answered Dick, who was really rather clever with his pencil and brush in an amateurish fashion.
In Search of El Dorado Harry Collingwood

lacking professional skill or expertise

1863; from amateur + -ish. Related: Amateurishly; amateurishness.


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