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a town in NW England, in Cumbria: a tourist centre for the Lake District. Pop: 3064 (2001)
Historical Examples

Yesterday morning Mr. Greg called on his way to Paris, to express his regret that he did not see me at ambleside.
George Eliot’s Life, Vol. I (of 3) George Eliot

(crosses to table, turns over leaves of Bradshaw, hurriedly) ambleside!
Oh! Susannah! Mark Ambient

Hence, a romantic and tragic story is told of two skulls which have long haunted an old house near ambleside.
Strange Pages from Family Papers T. F. Thiselton Dyer

Of such charges as were shared by all, two-fifths of one-third was ambleside’s share.
The Church of Grasmere Mary L. Armitt

ambleside, when the crisis of the Reformation came, took matters strenuously in hand, as we have seen.
The Church of Grasmere Mary L. Armitt

In 1811, we find Tom at the ambleside meeting for the third and last time.
Wrestling and Wrestlers: Jacob Robinson

The case dragged on; and on October 20th, 1663, a commission sat at ambleside, when witnesses were called on both sides.
The Church of Grasmere Mary L. Armitt

Leave the horse at the Salutation Inn in ambleside when you take the train.
Playing With Fire Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

The names of two or three priests who may have served ambleside before the Reformation have already been given.
The Church of Grasmere Mary L. Armitt

After a bathe and a midday meal at Bowness the friends walked on with ever increasing delight to ambleside.
Life of John Keats Sidney Colvin


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