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American empire

a style of American furniture making and related crafts from c1815 to c1840, corresponding to the French Empire and late English Regency styles.
Contemporary Examples

They could call it “The Decline and Fall of the American Empire.”
Latest GOP Debate Comical Enough to Be a Disney Animated Movie Leslie Bennetts November 13, 2011

He had always loathed the “American Empire” and its neoconservative apologists, especially Jews.
Becoming Gore Vidal: The Henry Adams of Our Age Morris Dickstein August 3, 2012

Historical Examples

To-morrow, if the present course is followed, it will be equally true in the American Empire.
The American Empire Scott Nearing

But the American Empire does not rest upon a political basis.
The American Empire Scott Nearing

Almost unconsciously, out of the necessities of the period, has come the structure of the American Empire.
The American Empire Scott Nearing

Let us get an American revenue as we have got an American Empire.
“Stops” Paul Allardyce

These owners and directors of the nation’s wealth have been the real builders of the American Empire.
The American Empire Scott Nearing

Mexico, considered internationally, is to-day a province of the American Empire.
The American Empire Scott Nearing

The American Empire has been built, as were the palaces of Aladdin, in a night.
The American Empire Scott Nearing

Behind him are the resources, productive machinery and surplus of the American Empire.
The American Empire Scott Nearing


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