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to make or become in character; assimilate to the customs and institutions of the U.S.
Contemporary Examples

This is an americanized version of the famed Running with the Bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain.
Chicago’s Running of the Bulls Hampton Stevens July 25, 2014

Think of a latter-day americanized version of Downton Abbey—where everyone knows his or her place, and our betters look best.
‘Downton Abbey’ Democrats May Cost their Party the Senate Lloyd Green March 23, 2014

Is he an americanized version of Silvio Berlusconi, determined to wield political and media power in a seamless web of influence?
Mike Bloomberg’s New Megaphone Howard Kurtz December 16, 2010

Historical Examples

Hunter, the head, proved to be a first-rate type of an americanized Irishman.
Wake-Robin John Burroughs

You see I soon began to be americanized and to claim things.
As A Chinaman Saw Us Anonymous

But the absurdity of his imagination, so thoroughly americanized, evoked a ringing laughter.
The Princess Elopes Harold MacGrath

He told me to get americanized, to come out of the mud-pond and get into the rapids.
The Silver Poppy Arthur Stringer

And all this time Edward Bok’s failure to be entirely americanized was brought home to his consciousness.
The Americanization of Edward Bok Edward William Bok

It seems almost a pity that she is americanized, don’t you think, dear?
Wanted: A Cook Alan Dale

He furnishes excellent raw material for American citizenship, if he does not come too rapidly to be americanized.
Aliens or Americans? Howard B. Grose

to make or become American in outlook, attitudes, etc

1797, from American + -ize. Related: Americanized; Americanizing.


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