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a city in the central Netherlands.
Historical Examples

In the night the allies retreated to Amersfoort, leaving 300 sick behind them.
The Every Day Book of History and Chronology Joel Munsell

Animals of this region had never seen a town larger than Amersfoort.
The Chauffeur and the Chaperon C. N. Williamson

After a stiff climb the summit of the Amersfoort Hills was reached just before dark.
The Record of a Regiment of the Line M. Jacson

In Amersfoort two burghers were tried and beheaded; in Nijmwegen the burgomaster, Ronkens, met the same fate.
History of Holland George Edmundson

But I feel nevertheless that my collection owes a great deal to my Amersfoort correspondent.
The Confessions of a Collector William Carew Hazlitt

Having reached this resolve, I was nearly putting it into instant execution, by alighting at Amersfoort, but thought better of it.
The Riddle of the Sands Erskine Childers

The road running to Amersfoort turned off at an angle corresponding to the present line of Flatbush Avenue.
A History of the City of Brooklyn and Kings County Stephen Ostrander

That hill is famed for its height throughout the whole country, and bears the formidable name of ‘the Amersfoort Mountain.’
On Commando Dietlof Van Warmelo

a town in the central Netherlands, in E Utrecht province. Pop: 131 000 (2003 est)


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