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Amicus humani generis

a philanthropist.


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  • Amicus usque ad aras

    a friend to the last degree.

  • Amid

    in the middle of; surrounded by; among: to stand weeping amid the ruins. during; in or throughout the course of. variant of before a vowel: amidase. Contemporary Examples amid their screams of fury, one woman could be heard shouting into a phone, “People are sick of the soap opera!” Hosni Mubarak’s Final Tragedy Christopher Dickey […]

  • Amidships

    in or toward the middle part of a or aircraft; midway between the ends. along the central fore-and-aft line of a or aircraft. in or toward the center of anything: a long, narrow office with a desk placed amidships. of, relating to, or located in the middle part of a or aircraft. Historical Examples He […]

  • Amida

    a Buddha who rules over paradise, enjoying endless and infinite bliss. a paradise believed by the followers of a Mahayana sect (Pure Land sect) to be ruled over by a Buddha (Amida) whose hope it is to bring all beings into it. Historical Examples Farzman knew full well that the Persians in Amida could not […]

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